EcoEdile is a construction company with twenty years of working and learning experience, since 2010 aims to implement sustainable building practices and green architecture in the metropolitan, urban and rural areas.

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We choose green building because it is a model and a sustainable way of life, in the concrete respectful and healthy for us working, the customer and the environment, feeds an “alternative” market, conscious and healthy, made up of people who work and strive for a possible change, and sustainable development, so it is a considered choice for future generations.

All work is aimed at achieving a real energy savings and to make the environment healthier for those who live there.

Every decision relating to materials and techniques to be used is guided by respect for the environment and order to get healthy and pleasant the living spaces. We build taking care of every phase of the design until delivery.

We use natural materials and techniques aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of any intervention inevitably causes.We carefully select non-toxic materials and eco-friendly products that comply with current EU regulations controlling the use of  VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds can damage your health and cause allergies). Our actions are aimed to energy savings and efficiency, with a consequent increase in the value of the property.

EcoEdile is certified installer of Isofloc / LaCellulosa / Naturalia-Bau, specializing in cellulose flake insulation, application of thermal coats system of wood fiber panels. EcoEdile also has expertise and experience in solving different problems related to situations related to humidity and moisture.

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